The JetHawks are one of 42 Minor League Baseball teams across the country currently under threat of losing their MLB affiliation at the end of 2020, which would mean the end of professional baseball in the Antelope Valley. We are asking our community to come together and voice their support of the team, and help keep MiLB in the AV!


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A Letter From Our Chamber President

Friends, Fellow Volunteers, and Chamber Members,

In light of the current state of the Covid 19 Pandemic, and based upon the preliminary “back-to-work” plans now being released from the various levels of government, it seems inevitable that the postponement of the 71st Almond Blossom Festival will now carry well past my second term as Chamber President, which concludes at the end of June. Furthermore, regular Chamber activities such as breakfasts, luncheons, and ribbon cuttings are similarly on hold indefinitely.

With that in mind, as the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce prepares for these events, as well the “new normal” we will all face in the wake of both the pandemic and the economic upheaval it has created, it seems only logical that these preparations are best overseen by the Captain who will still be at the helm when we reach those destinations.

With the dedication and assistance of the my board members, I can take satisfaction in the knowledge that we have accomplished what I set out to nearly two years ago when I accepted the position of President. When I reluctantly agreed to extend that role for another year, I looked forward to enjoying some of the fruits of that effort at the 71st Almond Blossom Festival. Fate had different plans.

I believe leadership is about delegation, and our greatest leaders were not those who controlled, but rather those who designated roles, and assigned jobs to those best able to accomplish them, while maintaining careful oversight.

Trust and verify.

For almost two years I’ve done just that that. No. This is not to say I haven’t placed certain responsibilities solely upon myself. Obviously I have. But only those duties that my individual gifts and aptitude made me the best qualified person to undertake. The majority of those duties currently don’t exist, and to maintain that position for the next two months would be both superfluous and more in service of self, than to the organization I was entrusted with. I have always said, I will not abide a name tag holder. Neither should I allow myself to be one.

Again, the Captain of this ship should, and must be, the one who will navigate the Chamber to the next port. I believe the person most capable and qualified to do so is my friend, brother, and fellow board member, Interim Vice President, Mark Cripe.

Therefore after careful consideration, prayer, soul searching… (and having discussed this with Mark) Monday evening I submitted my immediate resignation as President of the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce. I will remain in an advisory capacity as past president, and will manage entertainment logistics for the coming 71st Almond Blossom Festival once a new date is finalized. However, I believe the needs and direction of the Chamber are best served by establishing now, that leadership which will carry us into the next year.

As my final act as President, upon my resignation, I moved that Mark be elected interim President of the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce, until June’s regular election process and his presentation to our members may take place in accordance with our bylaws.

The board unanimously supported his nomination and at approximately 6:30 PM April 27th, 2020 I was proud to figuratively (due to social distancing) surrender the gavel to my dear friend and our new President.

I would like to thank the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce and the High Desert Community for the opportunity to serve, and the support received as I did so. Two years ago, when my friend, Congressmen Steve Knight swore me in, his first words to me afterwards were, “Now don’t screw this up.” While mindful of my own imperfections, I am confident I did not. I am even more confident that my greatest accomplishment as your President was the provision of my successor.

“You have the conn, Mr. Cripe.”

With blessings and profound thanks,

Trevor C. Hibbert
PAST President, (2018-2020) Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce

March Luncheon


11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

March Breakfast

Thursday, March 12th

7:00 AM to 8:30 AM

About The Quartz Hill Chamber:

After the now – Quartz Hill area was started, a Civic Improvement Association was formed and worked well for a while, but community and business eventually called for a better status symbol.  Thus, in 1948, the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce was formed.

In early 1950, Jane Pinheiro and Byron Glenn observed the almond trees coming into bloom, and they decided that Quartz Hill should have a festival at almond blossom time.  The suggestion was taken to the Chamber of Commerce and the Almond Blossom Festival was instituted.  A queen was chosen, a parade planned and the first festival got underway.  It has been an annual event ever since and draws an audience from 2,000 to 3,000 people.

Breakfast Networking Roundtable

Every Second Thursday at 7:00 AM

General Membership Luncheon

Every First Wednesday at 11:00 AM

Grand Openings & Ribbon Cuttings

Announce your Grand Opening to our member base to draw new business into yours. Any new member opening a business includes a visit by the Chamber President, Ambassadors, Quartz Hill Queens.

Call the Chamber office to schedule your Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

(661) 722-4811


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24 Hour Urgent Care

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Our Queens

Miss Quartz Hill – Adyson Murawski
Junior Miss – Aurora Larson
Little Miss – Victoria Wells

Membership in the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce is an investment in the future success of your business and our entire community.

Take advantage of all the Chamber has to offer and the return on investment is priceless. Join today to let Chamber membership start working for you.